Wayde King ECO Series Water Filtration System

4 Stages of Filtration with

ECO Series

Water Treatment Systems

The ECO Series Municipal System delivers spring-quality alkaline drinking water to every faucet in your home.

The ECO Series Municipal Water Refinement System is a comprehensive solution for your entire household that will remove contaminants such as Chlorine, THMs, Heavy Metals, Volatile Organic Compounds, Herbicides, Pesticides, and Pharmaceuticals. Our patented Anti-Scale Ionizer prevents hard water scale build-up without the use of synthetic materials such as polyphosphates, commonly found in most other Salt-Free multi-tank systems.

WAYDE KING WATER FILTRATION provides a system that requires No Salt or Potassium, No Filters to change, and requires No Maintenance whatsoever.

6 Stages of Filtration with


Water Treatment Systems

Utilizing 6 stages of water filtration the Platinum Municipal Series has the ability to remove hundreds of chemicals and contaminants such as chlorine, chloramines, THMS, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, PCBs, pharmaceutical residuals and microorganisms.

After the water has been acutely filtered, it travels through our proprietary anti-scale ionization chamber to protect your appliances, fixtures, and water heaters from damaging hard water scale. The best way to ensure your family is not drinking, bathing and inhaling potentially carcinogenic chemicals commonly found in municipally treated water supplies.

Enjoy the hassle-free convenience of clean, conditioned water to every faucet in your home and reduce your exposure to thousands of health affecting contaminants.