Last Updated on February 07, 2020

The term “water softener” describes a system that uses a process of ionic exchange to remove hard water minerals (calcium, magnesium) out of the water and replace them with sodium ions. The minerals are then flushed to drain once they have collected in your system, meaning your water supply is now completely free of these healthy minerals. Soft Water is not safe to drink and this is why it is necessary to use a reverse osmosis system at your kitchen sink to provide safe drinking water. This method of water treatment is highly maintenance intensive, and very costly over time often costing the user thousands of dollars in maintenance.

Wayde King Water Filtration systems are not water softeners, bit rather comprehensive water filters that also condition the water to prevent hard water scale without the need for salt. Our systems do not remove the healthy minerals from the water. Rather, it changes the chemical structure of the minerals to stop them from forming scale inside your pipes and on your fixtures. Wayde King Water Filtration and Conditioning systems also provide clean and safe drinking water throughout your entire home and there is no more need for using salt, replacing filters or having to worry about any kind of maintenance.