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ECO-Series Municipal Water Treatment System

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WAYDE KING WATER FILTRATION provides a system that requires No Salt or Potassium, No Filters to change, and requires No Maintenance whatsoever.

The ECO Series Municipal System delivers spring-quality alkaline drinking water to every faucet in your home. The ECO Series Municipal Water Refinement System is a comprehensive solution for your entire household that will remove contaminants such as Chlorine, THMs, Heavy Metals, Volatile Organic Compounds, Herbicides, Pesticides, and Pharmaceuticals.

Our patented Anti-Scale Ionizer prevents hard water scale build-up without the use of synthetic materials such as polyphosphates, commonly found in most other Salt-Free multi-tank systems. The anti-scale ionizer will reduce hard water scale formation inside your pipes, on plumbing fixtures, and even extend the life of appliances. Ionized water will also assist to provide healthy pH balanced drinking water. Made by a name you can trust, WAYDE KING WATER FILTRATION.

  • 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • 10-Year All Inclusive Warranty
  • No Salt and No Potassium
  • No maintenance required for the entire warranty period
  • Better than bottled quality spring quality alkaline water from every faucet
  • No reverse osmosis system needed Extends the life plumbing and appliances by preventing and removing hard water scale
  • Eco-Friendly by conserving water and electricity
  • All natural filtration medias Recommended for all tankless water heaters
  • Certified to be compliant for use in all areas that have banned the use of water softeners
  • Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs
  • California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS
Product Type

Filtration System

Tank Size

1-3 Bathrooms, 4-5 Bathrooms




Filter,Hardware,Installation kit


Bypass valve,Permanent settings memory,Programmable

Fitting size (in.)


Product Depth (in.)


Product Height (in.)

63.5 in

Product Width (in.)


Product Weight

140 lbs.

Contaminants Filtered

Lead, Chlorine, Bacteria, Copper, Iron

Bacteria Reduction (%)


Chlorine reduction (%)


Lead reduction (%)


Copper Reduction (%)


Fluoride Reduction (%)


Iron Reduction (%)


Filtration Method


Water Filtration System Type

Whole House

Number of stages


Number of filters included


Fitting style


Maximum feed water pressure (psi)


Maximum feed water temperature (F)


Maximum filtered water flow (gallons per min.)


Minimum feed water pressure (psi)


Minimum feed water temperature (F)


5 reviews for ECO-Series Municipal Water Treatment System

  1. 5 out of 5


    This whole house water filtration system instantly changed our water quality. You can feel, taste and smell the amazing improvement in water quality immediately after install. My wife loves how soft her skin and hair feel now with this new system, and I love being able to drink spring alkaline water from every single faucet in my home. The best part is, no salt or potassium to mess with, no maintenance and a 10-year guarantee backed by Sam’s Club. Wayde King Water Filtration is the best value hands down. Highly recommended to everyone! – From Google Reviews

  2. 5 out of 5


    My name is not Biff, by the way, it’s David and I’m probably one of the first from Florida to post a review on this unit we received. We purchased the Eco-Line Municipal system Most of the reviewers are from out West since the company is out that way in Las Vegas but wanted to give a perspective from Florida. A little background first, though…We had a salt soft water system for over 10 years and really thought that was all we needed. The suds lathered up well, our hair and skin looked good and yes, we kind of got used to the slimy feel on our skin thinking it was good for our skin and hair. But what we discovered in talking to Steve and Adam is really the salt soft water systems are actually leaving a layer of soap and even salt on your skin which can be very drying. I never really knew that and frankly was uninformed about my water for many years….a few weeks ago, I caught Skip Bedell, a well-known home improvement contractor thats on TV, on Fox News really endorsing this product and even admitted he had one himself. I was a little skeptical so started doing research on my own and even looked at Pelican Water systems. Once I started researching and talking to people I realized the King Water Filtration system was clearly a better product and much less maintenance than the pelican water system plus to get things like water scaling removal you had to pay extra with Pelican for this along with the fact that their system doesn’t self flush and remove harsh chemicals and debris. For the price and quality really NOBODY can beat King Water filtration systems. I had many questions about my water that both Steve and Adam answered as well as the CEO, Mike….How often does the CEO of a company call us peon consumers to answer questions or concerns ? Amazing science and knowledge these guys have. They want you to be well-informed before you make the purchase and answer all of your questions. Once I had the unit installed, I tested the water with some water strips that I ordered from Amazon that measured alkalinity, pH, chlorine, water hardness, etc. and sure enough everything Mike and gang claimed was true. 0 choline, pH was around 7, Total alkalinity was 120. Perfect ! Our Water tastes better, our shower water is much more conditioning, and gives our hair a lot of volume and thickness. That slickness feeling is gone now and it took a little getting used to but now all the soap and conditioners are washed off our bodies. Just a word of caution, the water won’t suds up as much as a soft water salt system but it definitely lathers much more than regular tap water and you will still be able to use less soap. One more thing, I’ve noticed and I shared this with Mike, the CEO…I was diagnosed with gastritis and indeed this can cause pretty bad reflux and heartburn. Since I have started drinking my alkaline water, I haven’t had much heartburn at all and less reliance on drugs like Pepcid and proton pump inhibitors….Some of the data on alkaline water and its benefits is mostly positive but especially very strong pertaining to heartburn control….Sorry this review is lengthy but felt compelled to share my experience thus far. Great customer service, strong science supporting these water filters, and a great product all-around for the money. You simply cannot beat it if you and your family want safe, clean and nourishing water. Hope this helps !

    -David E.

  3. 5 out of 5


    The best decision I ever made for my new home! The water taste great and I don’t have to buy bottled water anymore.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I purchased a system from Sam’s Club on Serene. The salesman Charlie explained the system in great detail and I couldn’t pass it up with the special pricing. He saved me tons of money buying from their limited time in-store offer versus the website. I had a salt system and no longer have to buy any salt. No maintenance for 10 years and it’s 100% guaranteed through Sam’s Club. I love my system and will never go back to a water softener. No more slimy feeling after a bath and my skin feels amazing!

  5. 5 out of 5


    We’ve had our new water filtration unit up and running for just over a week now.
    Just wanted to tell you how much we love it! The taste is amazing and even my daughter who is a “water snob” says it’s the best water she has ever tasted! Our coffee tasted better too! Can’t get over the difference it makes on my hair and people have actually commented on it to me. We are using less soap and the dishwasher is cleaning so much better. Both my husband and I agree that it’s the best buy we’ve made to improve our home.

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