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ECO Series Well Water System

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Iron and sulfur are common nuisances in households using well water. These elements can cause orange and yellow staining on appliances, bathroom fixtures, laundry and more. Sulfur can overwhelm your home with the smell of rotten eggs. Yuck.Our well water systems are environmentally friendly, maintenance free, require no chemicals, and are safe to use with septic systems.

The Wayde King Eco Well System helps prevent hard water scale formation while removing or reducing contaminants such as iron, sulfur, and manganese. Management of scale buildup due to hard water will greatly extend the life of plumbing and appliances throughout the entire home, saving your family money on costly replacement and repairs. Most importantly, our systems will provide your family with consistent quality water for many years, and we guarantee it with our industry leading 10-year warranty.

While King Water Filtration’s ECO and PLATINUM Systems may be very effective for treating many Well Water applications, it is vital that a comprehensive well water analysis be provided to us for review by one of our water quality specialists prior to purchase. Due to the varying conditions of well water, this is required to ensure that optimum results will be provided.

Tank Size

1-3 Bathrooms, 4-6 Bathrooms


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